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 The Canadian Great War Homepage
Part of the Canadian Military Heritage Project, this site aims to take an overview approach to Canada's role in WWI. One section features letters written by Canadian soldiers to loved ones.

 World War I - Trenches on the Web
This site is one of the most comprehensive devoted to the Great War. Special features include a WWI book locator service, and a section providing information for those visiting northern France and interested in touring Battlefields.

 World War , The Great War
Perhaps the most content-crammed site on the Great War. Organized like a giant book, it looks at the war year by year and provides many links and articles.

 Hellfire Corner
This WWI site focuses on British and Imperial involvement and includes articles on various aspects of the Great War as well as a chat forum.

 The World War I Document Archive
This international archive has been assembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List and intends to present, in one location, primary documents concerning the Great War. One section is devoted to memoirs, another lists conventions, treaties and official papers, and another is a fascinating image archive.

 The Western Front Association
The Western Front Association was formed to further interest in the period 1914-1918. Its principle objective is to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of those, on all sides, who served their country in France and Flanders. This comprehensive site is well organized and provides links to all the UK branchs of the association. It also provides reading lists, photographic tours and much, much more.

 First World War.com
This is a really comprehensive website covering a wide range of topics that relate to the Great War. From 'How it Began' to 'Memoirs' to 'Prose and Poetry', this site covers many interesting aspects of the war.

Museums, Societies, Organizations

 The National Archives of Canada: Canadian Soldiers of the First World War
Part of the National Archive's ArchiviaNet database, the CEF database holds the personnel files of the more than 600,000 Canadians that enlisted in the Great War. In addition, 173,849 pages of Attestation papers have been scanned and are accessible through the database. If you are looking for an ancestor that fought in this war, this is an excellent place to start.

 Veteran Affairs Canada
This comprehensive site provides information on programs and services for veterans, as well as much information on Canada's involvement in the First World War. Includes an excellent section on Canada's Victoria Cross awardees.

 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
This site provides not only information about this important organization, but also provides a Register of personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First and Second World Wars. The database makes it possible to identify the exact location, by cemetery plot or memorial panel, where any given name is commemorated.

 The Canadian Images and Letters Project
The objective of the Canadian Letters and Images Project is to create a searchable online archive of the personal side of Canada's war experience. It asks Canadians to submit material -- be it wartime correspondence, photographs, and other personal materials both from the battlefront and from the homefront. It then houses this material (unedited) in an online archive, a format that will provide easy access to scholars, students, and all others interested in this aspect of Canada at war. The Project is run under the auspices of the History Department at Malaspina University College.

 Canadian War Museum
The CWM's web site provides information on the museum's services and exhibitions, as well as a searchable database containing its collection of art, including its treasured war art.

 Imperial War Museum
The IWM is a multi-branch British museum devoted to the wars of the 20th century. Its web site lists its many exhibitions and programs and allows us to look at its vast collection of everything from documents to firearms.

 Military Communications and Electronics Museum
Contains an absorbing section on the history of the Canadian Signalling Corps, its formation and its activities in the Great War.

 War Graves in Britain
Kim Taylforth and John Oliver have created this website to bring to the attention of as many people as possible the forgotten Commonwealth War Graves that are found all over Great Britian. The hope is that some will be inspired to go out to find a previously untended war grave and commit themselves to spending one or two hours each month keeping it neat and dignified.

 The Great War Society
Hosted by this society, this site is designed to reach those interested in discussing and researching events surrounding the First World War.

Literature, Art, Culture

 Oxford University -Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature
Jammed with fascinating material, this site includes a complete run of The Hydra (the Journal of the Patients at the Craglockhart War Hospital), plus all of Wilfred Owen's poetry manuscripts. Also includes interviews with war veterans, photographs, letters, a First World War poetry discussion board, as well as the lyrics of a number of songs (unedited) that were sung in the trenches.

 The Great War in a Different Light
Using the photos and illustrations (many hand drawn) that appeared in the media during the Great War, the author of this site gives a fresh view of what people saw and felt during those years . Instead of focusing on great battles and actual warfare, the site looks at off-beat and unusual subject matter.

 Art of the First World War
One hundred paintings from international collections are gathered together on this site. Organized by: 1.) War Declared, 2.) The Fighting Men, 3.) The Battlefield and 4.) The Age of Artillery, the site provides a guided tour of the paintings and information on art produced during this period.

 Anthem for Doomed Youth
Assembled as an exhibition by Brigham Young University, this site takes a comprehensive look at the poetry and literature of the Great War. Biographies of the writers and their historical influences are explored at in depth.

 Lyrics and Scores from Popular WWI Songs
Although, this is a commercial site, it offers the most interesting access to the songs of the Great War. Songs and sheet music are for sale.

 Military War Art and Artists
This central site for military war art and artists covers all of the 20th century.

Battalion or Regiment Home Sites

 The Royal Canadian Legion
A section of this site is dedicated to the cornerstone of the Legion's work in Canada -- the Poppy and Remembrance Campaigns. Educational kits are provided for teachers and students.

 The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
Home of the Black Watch, this site has sections devoted to recruiting, its associations and foundations as well as the history of its exploits.

 The 161st Battalion of Huron
A detailed history of the exploits of this Battalion in WWI is included in this site.

 The North Saskatchewan Regiment
This site is devoted to this regiment and one of its members - Sir Hugh Cairns.Cairns was awarded a Victoria Cross for bravery while fighting in Valenciennes; he died at age 22.

 102nd Canadian Infantry Battalion (North British Columbians)
In twelve comprehensive chapters this site looks at every aspect of the 102nd Canadian Infantry Battalions involvement in WWI

 The 54th Kootenay Battalion, CEF
This nicely designed site details the WWI record of this Battalion and its Honour Roll, among other great features.


 The Militaria Collectors' Exchange
Collecting militaria is a booming hobby, and this site provides an excellent resource.

 Victoria Cross Reference
All 1354 VCs are on this comprehensive site, with details of their life, military exploits and death, as well as the location of their medal for viewing. A search engine is provided.

 Canadian Air Aces and Heroes
Contains detailed histories of the exploits and honours of these war heroes. Covers WWI, WW2 and Korea.

 Somewhere in France: Letters from the Great War
Steven Stothers' study of the genealogy of his family led him to discover that his maternal grandfather and two uncles served in the Great War. This site is dedicated to those family members and includes letters and diaries that aptly describe life in the CEF. As Strothers points out, these items have great historical value in explaining Canada's role in the Great War.

 Kilwinning Academy Internet War Memorial
Gordon Smith is a teacher at Kilwinning Academy in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland who has set up a website commemorating the Great War casualties from this town. The name, rank and military unit, date of death and place of burial -- as well as any other details and available photos are posted for each soldier. A moving testament to the power that the intranet has to commemorate the sacrifices of the Great War.

 Recollections of My Grandfather
Hugh Peden has posted the recollections of his grandfather, William Peden, who fought with the 8th Battalion Royal Winnipeg Rifles during the Great War. Many interesting photos from the period accompany this personal and compelling account of a soldier's experience in WWI.


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