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  April 9, 1917
 4th Division

The 4th Division is to attack from Bradmarsh Crater to Givenchy. Its objective is Hill 145 and the eastern slopes of the ridge. This is the most heavily defended part of the ridge, their northern flank is open to fire from the strong German position of the Pimple. It is also the most steep and destroyed landscape in the area.

While the north and south part of the Division do well, the centre is annihilated. By late in the day they manage to capture Hill 145, although German trenches east of the Hill are still active.
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Apr 9, 1917  -  4th Division
  The losses for the 4th Division were devastating. One in four of the attacking soldiers was dead.

Final Casualty List for April 9, 1917 - 3,600 lives lost.

Captain Thain MacDowell of the 38th Battalion overcame two German machine guns and almost single-handedly captured 77 German soldiers. For MacDowell's bravery in these actions, he was awarded a Victoria Cross.

Private George Pattison of the 50th Battalion allowed his company to advance by showing enormous bravery in taking out a machine-gun nest. Pattison had advanced alone into enemy fire and, when close enough to the source, threw three hand grenades into the nest so accurately that they knocked all the guns out of action. He was awarded the Victoria Cross.
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