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  April 9, 1917
 1st Division

The 1st Division's plan is to attack from its position west of the Arras-Lens road and capture the main German trenches in front of Thelus, carry through to capture positions south of Thelus and push east to capture Farbus. The plan goes well; the front line falls quickly but resistance stiffens as they reach the second line. By the end of the day, the 1st Division has achieved its objectives.
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Apr 9, 1917  -  1st Division
Apr 9, 1917  -  2nd Division
Apr 9, 1917  -  3rd Division
Apr 9, 1917  -  4th Division
  Each of the attacking battalions suffered 80 to 100 men killed. This meant one in eight of the advancing soldiers died.

Private William Milne of the 16th Battalion showed individual courage and initiative in eliminating German machine gun opposition. On more than one occasion Milne crawled toward the enemies' guns and, when within bombing distance, leapt up and hurled grenades into the midst of the gun crew. For his bravery, Milne was awarded the Victoria Cross, unfortunately posthumously.

Lieutenant Lisle Cradock Ramsay of the 15th Battalion was instantly killed by enemy fire on the morning of April 9, 1917, after he had led his platoon over the top with the first wave of his battalion in the attack for the capture of Vimy Ridge.
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