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  December 1916

All four Canadian Divisions are now together for the first time, with a total numbering 100,000 men. For the rest of 1916 and into early 1917, the Canadians settle into the front line and continue the underground war by blowing up mines. While the Canadian military is meticulously planning the coming attack, the front lines continue to probe the German lines, raiding their trenches to gain intelligence.
Oct, 1916 Dec, 1916 Mar 1st 1917 Apr 1 - 7, 1917 Apr 9, 1917 Apr 10, 1917 Apr 12, 1917
Apr 9, 1917  -  1st Division
Apr 9, 1917  -  2nd Division
Apr 9, 1917  -  3rd Division
Apr 9, 1917  -  4th Division
    October 28, 1916
The Brigade have a listening apparatus by which they can hear any conversation going on in the German lines for a distance of 2,000 yards. The Germans have, since the beginning of the war, been tapping our wires in a similar manner and it was only after capturing one of their instruments that we started making and using them...."

December 8, 1916
"The Regiment is very much bucked up with the raids and I think the old spirit is coming back to them...this morning owing to good Artillery wire communication, we waited with 38 guns at the ready for the first German trench mortar to come over, when by pressing four different buttons at the very same instant, all 38 guns let off 3 rounds each. The Germans after firing two more stopped, realizing I hope, that the retaliation was too severe.

             Letters of Agar Adamson

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