Private Irwin Schooley

Irwin Schooley was born in Brookfield, Ontario on June 18, 1882. Later his family moved to Gladstone, Manitoba.

Irwin enlisted in Winnipeg Manitoba on April 10th, 1916 and served with the 12th Canadian Field Ambulance Battalion during the Great War. His experiences tending to the wounded troops in various hospitals and on the front lines in France are recounted in his Soldier's Diary written during 1916 and 1917.

After the war Irwin made annual trips to Winnipeg for reunions with the 12th Field Ambulance Battalion. He served as Postmaster in Gladstone, Manitoba until his retirement. Irwin Schooley died on October 30th, 1976.

This account and the diary was contributed by Irwin Schooley's nephew, Doug Grose.

A Soldier's Diary
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