November 10, 1917

The Canadians are now firmly established on top of the Passchendaele Ridge. However, German soldiers still cling to the slopes east of the village. A final attack is launched to secure their hard-won position on the ridge. North of the village, the 1st Division successfully captures the German positions and drives them eastward on to the flat plain below. On the southern flank, the 2nd Division is also successful in pushing the Germans off the eastern slopes.
Early Oct, 1917 Oct 17th, 1917 Nov 10th, 1917
Oct 26th, 1917 - 3rd Division Oct 30th, 1917 - 3rd Division Nov 6th, 1917 - 1st Division
Oct 26th, 1917 - 4th Division Oct 30th, 1917 - 4th Division Nov 6th, 1917 - 2nd Division
    By now the entire company (42nd Battalion) did not muster much more than the strength of a platoon. We sat around after being roused for a late breakfast, unshaved, not speaking, no one so much as asking about mail....Captain Arthur was kind to us. He stood and gazed at our pitiful ranks, gazed without speaking, and I saw in his eyes things of which no man speaks - the things that words would kill. We had little drill, but rested and slept and had good food until finally we were more like human beings. But every man who had endured Passchendaele would never be the same again, was more or less a stranger to himself.

             Will Bird, author of Ghosts Have Warm Hands

The price the Canadians paid for their two-week tenure in the mud at Passchendaele was more than 5,000 lives. All told, 16,000 Canadians were killed, wounded and missing.
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