November 6, 1917
 2nd Division
The 2nd Division's assault is directly on what remained of Passchendaele Village: it is remarkably successful. The 27th Battalion, recruited from Winnipeg, is given the task of liberating the village. The fighting is often hand-to-hand as the Germans try desperately to hang on. After the bloody fighting, Passchendaele is finally in the hands of the men from Winnipeg.
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    Then I started to walk up the terrible, muddy roads till I came to the different German pillboxes which had been converted into headquarters for the battalions. Finally, after wading through water and mud nearly up to my knees, I found myself the next afternoon wandering near Goudberg Copse, with a clear view of the ruins of Passchendaele...the whole region was unspeakably horrible. ...Bearer parties, tired and pale, were carrying out the wounded on stretchers...The bodies of dead men lay here and there where they had fallen in the advance.

             Canon Frederick Scott, author of The Great War As I Saw It


Private J.P. Robertson of the 27th Battalion destroyed an important German machine-gun post, opening the way for the capture of the village. Robertson, who was killed later that day trying to rescue two wounded Canadian soldiers, was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously.
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