October 30, 1917
 4th Division
The 4th Division also launches a three-pronged attack from the stronghold it had established partway up Passchendaele Ridge. They have great difficulty determining where they are to attack: All landmarks shown on reference maps had been obliterated; roads, trees and most buildings were reduced to dust. Nonetheless, the attack goes according to plan. Although suffering heavy casualties, they capture a series of fortified buildings - Vienna Cottages and Crest Farm - both near Passchendaele.
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    I am still hanging on. Our attack was successful but both it and holding have been awfully costly. Haggard, Papineau, Sullivan, Agar, Almon, Riddell, Williams, Morris, MacKenzie, killed....The ground we gained and held against two counterattacks and continuing artillery bombardments is of some importance, as the ridge we took is a commanding one, and I do not expect the Army though we would be able to hold it, even if able to take it... but I cannot help wondering if the positions gained were worth the awful sacrifice of life.

             Letters of Agar Adamson

    Dear Colonel Adamson,

Please accept my sincere thanks for your letter, and your sympathy. Every word said about Talbot [Papineau, member of PPCLI] I read and re-read and in the expressions of admiration and esteem in which he was held, I find my only solace.

The courage and regiment with which he faced what I am told was a well desperate attack, fills my heart with pride, but also with great bitterness - I've nothing. Nothing can console me for the loss of my boy who had been the joy and comfort of my life....

             Letter from Caroline R. Papineau, mother of Major Talbot Papineau, MC to Agar Adamson

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