October 30, 1917
 3rd Division

The exhausted soldiers of both Divisions are replaced with fresh battalions and the battle continues. The 3rd Division, now hanging on in shell holes, is given the formidable task of capturing the remaining length of Bellevue Spur. The battalions spread into three groups for a full frontal attack, but heavy German opposition and artillery fire crush their efforts. Individual feats of bravery again save the day, and they manage to capture two major German defences at Source and Vapour Farms. Again the 3rd Division is short of its objective, but it secures additional ground and is now on drier land. Heavy losses are suffered in this attack, particularly by Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) and the 49th Battalion.
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Lieutenant Hugh McKenzie, DCM of the 7th Machine Guns company helped removed the threat of a major German pillbox (that held up the 3rd Divisions advance of October 30th). He lead a frontal attack on the German pillbox. McKenzie was killed in the attack and was awarded a Victoria Cross for his bravery.

Sergeant G. H. Mullin, MM of the PPCLI contributed to removing the same German pillbox attacked by Lieutenant Hugh McKenzie on October 30th. By outflanking the German he was able to lead his troops in capturing it. He too was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Major George Pearkes of the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles is said to have performed the most courageous act of the battle of October 30th. He lead his battalion, over open ground and against heavy machine gun fire and secured two major German defences at Source and Vapour Farms. Pearkes was awarded the Victoria Cross for leading the battle.

Private Cecil John Kincross of the 49th Battalion threw of his equipment and advanced singlehandedly to attack a gun nest, shooting and clubbing all the crew and destroying the machinge gun. This single act of heroism transformed the battle and allowed his company to advance 300 yards.
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