October 26, 1917
 4th Division

The 4th Division is to attack south of the morass of the Ravebeek, up the Passchendaele Ridge. It is successful, and through continuing battles on October 27 is able to move its lines 700 metres closer to Passchendaele. Fighting conditions are unbelievably hellish and the casualty list is high.
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    The condition of the ground beggars description. Just one mass of shell holes all full of water. The strongest and youngest men cannot navigate without falling down...a great many men were drowned in shell holes for want of strength to pull themselves out when dog-tired.

             Letters of Agar Adamson

    We huddled ...until noon, then I roused up and peered over the side of our refuge. A few yards away were three green scummed pools. White chalky hands reached out of one, and from the farther one a knee stuck up above the filthy water. In another bit of old trench, where the parados had disappeared, a soldier stood rigidly, feet braced apart. He had been killed by concussion, and his body was split as if sliced by a great knife

             Will Bird, author of Ghosts Have Warm Hands

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