Early October 1917
  The returning Canadians who fought at Ypres in 1915 and 1916 are shocked at the scenes in the salient. Everything is destroyed, nothing green remains. The dead of the earlier battles are everywhere and the ground is a maze of interconnected, water-filled shell holes. Canadian soldiers have heard rumours about the upcoming battle and are unnerved.  
Early Oct, 1917 Oct 17th, 1917 Nov 10th, 1917
Oct 26th, 1917 - 3rd Division Oct 30th, 1917 - 3rd Division Nov 6th, 1917 - 1st Division
Oct 26th, 1917 - 4th Division Oct 30th, 1917 - 4th Division Nov 6th, 1917 - 2nd Division
    That night was the wildest I had seen in billets. Two-thirds of the men had too much liquor...Our men shouted at each other about the three kinds of "cases" we might expect, "walking," "sandbag" and "stretcher," asked each other grisly questions concerning "next of kin," made vows to get either a Victoria Cross or a "wooden" one.

             Will Bird, author of Ghosts Have Warm Hands

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