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Many books have been written from all perspectives on the Great War. Here we give you a sampling of the most accessible.
  Canada's role
Perhaps not enough has been written about Canada's role in the First World War. However, some excellent books have been published - which we have included here.
The Great War had a huge impact on culture and modern life in the 20th century. Not only did it inspire poetry, literature and music, it influenced how we looked at life itself.
Often published right after the war, memoirs make for fascinating reading. These memoirs, all written by Canadians, give an intimate look into what it was like to be a soldier in this war.
Discover the many fascinating biographies about prominent figures that played key roles in the First World War.
Norm Christie, military historian and author of the critically acclaimed books For King and Empire, Canadians in the Great War, lists for us his favourite books on the First World War.

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